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Not only is ANTS an Electro & Progressive House aficionado, his wide range and knowledge of all things sound enables him to create an experience unique only to him. His years spent on stage blessed him with the ability to read a crowd and work the dance floor; educating the “club go-er” with an eclectic mix of edgy beats interwoven in a familiar sound. He’s made the masses move to everything from Big Room House to the enticing rhythms of Moombahton. Once ANTS touches the play button he becomes the ringmaster in a circus of partying, and creating a musical hangover where the only cure is another shot of ANTS. Hailing from the motor city and the second home of House music, ANTS or Adam Brenner, as his mom calls him, grew up surrounded by music and the effect it has on people. Translating this experience to his work has enabled ANTS to master a blend of today’s current tracks with an element of the unexpected. He’s young, fresh and immersed in the club scene; allowing him to better read his audience and giving them the sound they are craving. His love and passion for music is evident in all aspects of his life. Now representing the Orlando area, ANTS has ruled the DJ booth of many a club and lounge throughout the East and West Coast. He has become a nightlife must-have by making memorable appearances at Firestone Live, Brink Orlando, Ember, ONE80 Grey Goose Lounge, The Ovation in Las Vegas, and many others. Not only has he proven himself behind the decks, but also in the studio. Producing original tracks, bootlegs, and mashups that not only he, but also other DJs throughout numerous countries play. In the big, broad world of DJs, ANTS is unique. His diverse musical background allows him to create an experience that’s pure, energizing and addictive. He will leave the music in your head, long after the lights go out and the hangover starts.

LocationOrlando, FL
BookingPenguin ENT.
Phew. @crizzly is destroying @FirestoneLive right now.